ERP Can Help Your Business Survive Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak disrupts economies and supply chains, companies everywhere are looking for solutions that can help mitigate these consequences.

As VitalBriefing’s Cormac Bracken explains in an article written for our client,, the situation represents a coming-of-age demand for ERP systems.

Want to know if your ERP platform is battle-ready and whether it can help you cope with a disruption? Read the full article here.

Sweating the Small Stuff Can Save Supply Chain Billions

There is a lot of money to be saved by optimising your supply chain.

Figuring out how to do just that, however, can be difficult. As VitalBriefing’s Florence Haag writes in an article for our client, “making the supply chain more efficient often can be about making a lot of marginal gains rather than one giant — and very likely expensive and disruptive –- one.”

But where do you even start? Read the full article to find out how you can reduce friction in what should be smooth-running operational processes.

Amazon’s 100,000 Electric Vehicle Order Changes the Game for Shippers

As Amazon strives to reach its just-announced “net-zero carbon emissions” goal, it’s logged a massive order for 100,000 electric vans (from a start-up, no less), confirming what many in the industry already suspected: the last mile for deliveries is going battery-powered.

Discover the implications for the supply chain sector as Amazon paves the way for electric: