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What We Do

What we do

Our world-class journalists filter, curate and produce information customized to your business needs.

Using our proprietary technology, VitalBriefing’s top financial and business editors search a world of sources, select the best results, then synthesize and summarize concisely to create personalized, essential content for you, your business, and your customers.

With VitalBriefing, you can reduce your subscriptions and staff resources devoted to sifting through mountains of digital information.

We do it for you, then deliver the content in any format, quickly readable on any digital device. From briefings to newsletters, blog posts and tweets to dynamic web content.

Our clients say it best:

Daily Bank Briefing:

“We’ve been VitalBriefing customers since its launch, and we’re constantly deepening our relationship with new products and applications. Customer experience is their DNA.”

Tom Anen, Vice President Corporate Communications
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

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Daily Fund Briefing:

“I’ve been a long-time subscriber to VitalBriefing’s in-depth updates. They keep me current on issues critical to my work as a finance professional. They know what’s coming before my clients do – and often before my colleagues. They’re indispensable to my work day.”

Steve Bernat, Head of Distribution Services
Lemanik Asset Management

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Weekly Briefing:


“Now I skip a lot of newsletters because I know the weekly summary I get from VitalBriefing is all I need to know, what really matters because it impacts my business.”

Serge Krancenblum, Chief Executive Officer, SGG Group

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Monthly Briefing:

“With Infallible delivery, VitalBriefing has been instrumental in meeting our KPI: Communicating the advantages of Luxembourg as a world-class center for international business.”

Carole Tompers, General Secretary
Luxembourg for Business

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Daily Press Monitoring:

“VitalBriefing’s key assets are product quality, flexibility and strong customer focus.”

Pierre-François Bois, Global Leader, Strategic Integration,
Research Development, Engineering and Quality
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Dynamic Web Content:

”VitalBriefing seamlessly delivers content that’s exactly what our staff and stakeholders are looking for: relevant, timely, appropriate and engaging. And their systems for providing just the right White Label content for financial professionals are impressive.”

Nicholas Nesson, General Manager, Corporate Communications
KBL European Private Bankers

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Client Newsletter:

“VitalBriefing has the ability to understand, dissect and comprehend OCBC Premier Banking’s extensive research and help condense it into simple-to-understand investment ideas.
A great and reliable partner to work with.”

Wyson Lim, Head, Global Wealth Management
OCBC Bank, Singapore

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Our expertise

Global Media/Press Monitoring

What are they writing and saying about you online and in social media?
What’s being published about your company, or whispered somewhere in the vast Internet?
Who’s saying what about whom that is important to you?

We monitor what’s appearing about your brand, your clients, and your key competitors, and we identify the best original sources (or compile all of them for you).

Pay attention to what matters.


You rely on Reuters and Bloomberg and other real-time news sources. They do a great job. Some are free. Others cost an arm and a leg. But they don’t offer the VitalBriefing Advantage: Human experts sorting through everything news services, analysts, specialist publications and thousands of other digital sources produce every moment.

Our financial and business journalists understand what you want to follow.

Tie it all together, in the context of your business.



Competitors & Clients

  • What are they doing?
  • With whom?
  • Where?
  • Using what technology?

By staying ahead of your competitors and in tune with what your customers are doing, you can offer them the best service.

Follow their deals, relationships and products.


FATCA, AIFMD, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, Solvency II – tens of thousands of regulation-related stories are published every year.

From Hong Kong and Singapore to Washington, London and Brussels, the penalty for failing behind on new regulations can be disaster.

Stay on top of what you need to know.


About Us

A dedicated team of international professionals brings decades of experience to information, content and technology services and products.

David Schrieberg<BR><small>CEO & Co-Founder</small>
Gerry Campbell<BR><small>Chairman & Co-Founder</small>
Pierre-Yves Lanneau<BR><small>Chief Operating Officer</small>
Simon Gray<BR><small>Head of Editorial</small>
Tim McGuinness<BR><small>Chief Product Officer</small>

International Advisory Board

A distinguished group of leaders in their fields provides invaluable advice and counsel to VitalBriefing.

Jean-Claude Bintz
David McQuillen
Cecilia Rodriguez
David Schlesinger
Michael Sherrod
Mark A. Uhlig
Richard Yankwich

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What in the world is a Circular Economy?

The meaning of the circular economy For the past decade, the expression ‘circular economy’ - with its promise to generate a more sustainable, equitable and just world - has steadily gained international traction. It actually represents an alternative to an ill-managed, extraction-based global economy generating unprecedented changes in the global climate and depleting the world’s natural resources. Circular economy is relevant to every element of society, culture and economy. Yet, what does it really mean? What are its implications? How profound is its implementation for your organisation – and personal way of life? Consider this: A recent study compiled and compared 114 definitions of circular economy in order to provide the first quantitative interpretation. The conclusion: Circular economy “means many different things to different people.” We have the good fortune to cover the issue for our clients, so before you become discouraged or overwhelmed, we can help with some answers.     What is the circular economy? Briefly, the circular

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Our story

In 2011, David Schrieberg, a Pulitzer and George Polk prizewinning journalist, digital media executive and entrepreneur, noted that executives and their staffs were drowning in a tsunami of information — wasting valuable time sifting through endless digital and print sources and getting lost in repetitive stories and updates, many of them unreliable, irrelevant or dated, and polluted by sales pitches.

When they needed to follow a specific subject, their answer was Google search and its hundreds of thousands of unsorted, automatically-generated results. More frustration. More wasted time.

David then discovered that the industry’s customers – private and professional alike – were suffering the same frustration, resenting their financial advisors, bankers and service providers for offering low-quality or no information to guide important business and personal decisions. This, at a time when their trust in the industry had plummeted.

David’s idea: Create a platform and process to provide essential, relevant, reliable and timely answers. Content that can be trusted, prepared by experts. Backed by personalized attention and an unwavering focus on each customer’s needs.

He took the idea to Gerry Campbell, a leading search expert, former president and global head of Thomson Reuters Search & Content Technologies. Gerry not only endorsed the concept, he offered to co-found the company.

In creating VitalBriefing, David and Gerry brought decades of respective expertise and experience, fusing innovative search technology with journalistic principles and production values – and a laser-focus on customer needs.

Assembling a top-flight team in Europe and the U.S., they vetted and brought on board financial and business journalists around the world adept at efficiently filtering and curating information.

Via VitalBriefing’s own search-and-publishing platform,they produce customized content, digitally delivered to any device in any format, personalized for customers who look to VitalBriefing to distil for them the best, most reliable, timely and impartial sources.

Financial professionals and institutions around the world rely on VitalBriefing and its products to stay ahead of the wave – and to ensure their own customers are getting top-quality information that reinforces their value,thought leadership and transparency.

At the same time, the Luxembourg-based company has received plaudits at home and customers globally, selected to receive financial backing from the Luxembourg Economy Ministry, and support from Luxinnovation, the National Agency for the Promotion of Innovation and Research, a public-private partnership. In addition, VitalBriefing has been praised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce as a “showcase startup.”

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