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The world is moving fast — and faster. How do you stay on top of the news and intelligence impacting your organisation? Our bespoke Market Intelligence Briefings identify valuable opportunities and competitor threats with the real-time, high-value insights you need.

Customized Briefings curated by experts

  • The most advanced tools in AI and search leveraged by an experienced editorial team
  • Each Briefing fully fact-checked for accuracy and veracity
  • Frictionless and automated integration into your content management system
  • News summaries tailored to your priorities, featuring high-value and actionable market insights for your audience — from decision-makers and staff to clients and prospects

Inside the VitalBriefing Newsroom

70+ journalists and editors with knowledge and expertise in delivering critical insights that drive business decisions

Proactive service that assesses your Briefing’s audience engagement data, including recommendations to ensure its impact and relevance

Objective subject experts, driven by journalistic integrity, comprehensively covering and monitoring your stakeholders’ priorities and interests

A global editorial team with a deep Understanding of news & developments impacting any market, led by a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist

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VitalBriefing’s veteran team of editors and journalists create engaging copy displaying your brand. Showcase your compelling thought leadership through blogs and articles, in your voice, written by industry-expert journalists and tailored to your business goals.