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Market Intelligence Briefings: Business Strategy

VitalBriefing offers a fully-customised solution that identifies valuable opportunities for your business and threats from competitors.

Stay on top of a fast-changing world with timely, high-value market intelligence and insights crucial to your business.

Business-critical news and insights from a single source

Combining search technology, AI and expert human curation, we tailor your Market Intelligence Briefing to your business priorities, delivering a timely, unique and fact-checked product carrying your brand.

Time and cost-saving

Fixed-cost, high-quality Briefings vetted by subject-expert editors saves your staff time and resources

Employee knowledge

Keep your staff current with news, developments and insights directly relevant to their work

Competitive advantage

Leverage essential market intelligence to develop services and products in response to competitors and market challenges

Regulatory Monitoring

Tracking regional regulations supports evolution of compliant operating/oversight models, cutting legal costs

“I learn something new about my industry from each VitalBriefing Market Intelligence Briefing that lands in my inbox. I consider it the best value for money in the ‘my news’ space. The thoroughness of VitalBriefing’s research and media monitoring makes this competitive and industry intelligence that I not only trust, but rely on to stay informed.”



The Briefings

Our Market Intelligence Briefings feature tailored news summaries researched, written and fact-checked by 70+ seasoned journalists and editors, covering key industry developments impacting your business and sector.

Cutting-edge blend of the most advanced tools in search and AI paired with human oversight and curation guarantees real-time intelligence

We monitor open rates, CTR and CTOR to maximise the effectiveness of Briefings in real-time to deliver the exact insights you need

Customised with your branding, Briefings are delivered via email or directly to your CRM/CMS, and can include bylines, analysis, keyword tags and images

Boasting a deep level of knowledge and expertise across sectors, our team filters out the hype to deliver only high-value, actionable news and developments

More than an outsource, we are your partner — your “personal journalist” — and can quickly adapt your Briefing to reflect your changing priorities

Example Briefings

Our expert global editorial team can create market intelligence briefings for any sector or industry.


Inquire About Pricing

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible regarding your market intelligence needs. We will respond by proposing a bespoke package and cost estimate.