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We greatly value VitalBriefing’s exhaustiveness of research and the team’s accessibility and flexibility when things need to be adapted. The article summaries drafted by subject-matter experts are exactly what our management needs.
Ingrid Ballesca, Expert Team Lead – Customer Interactions, ING

About ING

ING, a global bank with a strong European foundation and 56,000 employees, serves 38.8 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in more than 40 countries. Its products include savings, payments, investments, loans and mortgages in most of its retail markets. For its wholesale banking clients, ING provides specialised lending, tailored corporate finance, debt and equity market solutions, payments & cash management and trade and treasury services.

ING constantly innovates and strives to improve its customer experience. As such, it also looks for opportunities to partner with other organisations to bring disruptive ideas to market faster. Dedicated to sustainability, ING is ranked first in the banking industry group by Sustainalytics and has earned an ‘AA’ rating from MSCI.

The Challenge

As for so many of VitalBriefing’s clients that contract media and competitor monitoring, ING struggled with information overload. Finding business-critical news, developments and updates was consuming too much time. Scarce resources were redirected to focus on acquiring relevant data, tracking large quantities of information across a broad spectrum of sources. Management, especially, needed to devote precious time to monitored media to guide business decisions.

The Solution

ING now absorbs a weekly monitoring briefing from subject-matter experts that helps its management track systematically a broad range of sources for the exact information they need. VitalBriefing’s product consistently offers key, relevant information from trustworthy, authoritative sources. Concise, perfectly-crafted summaries of critical developments provide executives and staff with the must-have information they require. ING also counts on VitalBriefing to change and adapt the product to any of the bank’s changing business and information needs.

ROI, Benefits and Results

ING’s decision-makers now rely on one trusted source of information  that truly matters to them, resulting in an overall improvement of management’s awareness of the myriad topics relevant to their business. In addition to invaluable time saving, the exhaustiveness of VitalBriefing’s research supports early identification both of business opportunities and potential threats. The payoff: ING can manage the vast array of topics it needs to monitor, supporting better awareness of their competitors and quicker reaction times to market changes and opportunities.

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