Case Study: GoHenry

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I learn something new about my industry from each VitalBriefing weekly Global Fintech Briefing that lands in my inbox. The thoroughness of VitalBriefing's research and media monitoring makes this competitive and industry intelligence that I not only trust, but rely on to stay informed.
Alex Zivoder, CEO, goHenry

About GoHenry

Founded in 2012, GoHenry is a UK, US and European (via Pixpay)-based financial technology company dedicated to helping children learn how to manage money. GoHenry provides a (prepaid) Visa debit card and financial education app for children ages six to 18 designed to teach them how to be smart with money — by earning, saving, spending responsibly, giving, and more, all with parental oversight. The company’s goal is to help children and teens learn about money in a practical, fun way, while also providing parents with the necessary tools to nurture healthy financial habits in their kids. With more than two million members, GoHentry was most recently honored as the Best Children’s Financial Provider by the British Bank Awards.

The Challenge

For GoHenry, too much time was being invested in the curation, collation and analysis of the many news and information inputs relevant to the business. It was resource-intensive to find and filter the pertinent news sources in order to stay current and aware of the business-critical information that drives critical business decisions. The company’s leadership team needed timely and customised information from a single source that could cover the news and updates related to its business spheres of FinTech and banking – without the distraction of other less relevant content.

The Solution

VitalBriefing’s weekly Global Fintech briefing was the answer to enable GoHenry’s leadership team to keep up-to-date with meaningful news and updates. The high-level filtering and curation of the briefing — always in a scannable, quickly-absorbable, standardised format with concise, well-written summaries by subject-expert financial journalists — helps GoHenry’s team cut quickly to the relevant news. While imperative for GoHenry that its solution provides all the critical news and updates in a single Briefing, it is equally important to have access to full, in-depth stories should the teamy want to “go deeper” — and the ‘best source’ provided with each news summary in the Global Fintech Briefing adds an important layer of confidence.

ROI, Benefits and Results

The Global Fintech briefing has become one of GoHenry’s key sources for specific news relevant to the company. Moreover, the information inputs provided by curated news in the Global Fintech briefing has made GoHenry more aware of topics and sectors important to its business — a benefit that has had wide-ranging ROI. For instance, the Global Fintech briefing has allowed GoHenry to raise its internal awareness on wider industry trends like crypto and the causality chain in cyber security. It has also showcased new perspectives on product and customer needs, helping the company maintain its leadership status.

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