Case Study: Banque International de Luxembourg

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In content marketing, quality is vital, and VitalBriefing deliver quality. They never overpromise or underdeliver.
Michaël Mertens, Senior Content Manager, BIL

About Banque International de Luxembourg

Founded in 1856, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is the oldest multi-business bank in the Grand Duchy. Active in retail, private and corporate banking, as well as on the financial markets, BIL is recognised as a cornerstone of the Luxembourg financial market, and has played a central role in the development of the local economy.

BIL is currently owned by Legend Holdings – a leading diversified investment group headquartered in Beijing – and the State of Luxembourg. With more than 2,000 staff worldwide, BIL is present in the financial centres of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, the Middle East and Sweden.

The Challenge

In August 2017, BIL launched myLIFE, a multimedia content platform designed to complement the bank’s marketing strategies and overcome the limitations of traditional channels. MyLIFE aims to be the go-to-blog that helps individuals in Luxembourg manage their finances and inspires them to realise their personal and professional goals. In BIL’s words, “the platform is no place for marketing babble; just useful, topical information that focuses exclusively on the reader’s needs.”

The platform, however, produces more than 120 pieces of content every year. In addition to the other material published on myLIFE, the bank also required straightforward, easy-to-read and high-value evergreen content that covered more technical topics related to investment, wealth and finance.

The Solution

BIL asked Vitalbriefing to produce articles for myLIFE for a variety of reasons. With years of expertise in finance, wealth and investment, VitalBriefing’s journalists can address more technical topics, making them accessible to any given audience, professional or not. Furthermore, VitalBriefing’s capacity to provide a less Luxembourg-centric view on any subject was especially appealing. That element of content quality, together with an understanding of the bank’s voice, tone and editorial requirements – plus the consistent reliability of delivery — have led BIL to trust VitalBriefing’s editorial judgement for many years and dozens of stories.

ROI, Benefits and Results

The articles produced by VitalBriefing significantly contribute to BIL’s primary objectives of the myLIFE platform: expand its digital ecosystem, attract more prospects and improve its brand image. The relevant, actionable, engaging and high-quality VitalBriefing-produced content on myLIFE appeals directly to BIL’s digital audiences, and demonstrates the bank’s expertise with material that answers key market questions. Making these financial topics more accessible by presenting them in educational and easy-to-understand formats drives qualified leads to the bank’s commercial website, supporting BIL’s traditional marketing that promotes its solutions. In addition, the content contributes to cross-selling, up-selling and increasing client loyalty by providing detailed and essential information that helps them make their dreams a reality.

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