2016-06-08 admin

Scanning the Tower of Babel

We recently uncovered a reference to one of our clients in a newspaper from the Dutch Caribbean in Papiamento – a Creole language spoken in the region unknown even to Google Translate
For many companies in the financial sector and outside, the disclosure of the Panama Papers documents has been a wake-up call about how critical media monitoring can be. That’s especially so in
the second phase of publication, where a vast array of data on some 200,000 offshore companies has been placed in the public domain, open for anyone from corporate analysts to bloggers to search for and extract information, sometimes in context, sometimes not.
Information about your company can appear anywhere – and in any language.
It’s in moments like those that being able to combine advanced search techniques with a broad range of linguistic capabilities can really pay dividends. You simply can’t afford not to pay attention on an ongoing basis to when, where, how and in what context your company’s name – and reputation – are showing up on the web. And in languages your clients or competitors may understand.