Media Monitoring: Your recipe for successful sourcing, filtering and processing news

Effective media monitoring requires a mix of ingredients, blending both efficient search technology and hands-on expert human review. As discussed in our last post, this is one part of the “secret sauce” that goes into producing relevant and actionable business intelligence. But what’s the complete recipe for success? We use the term “search” to describe the overall activity of finding the exact news you need to power media monitoring programmes. Now let’s break it down into three essential steps: sourcing, filtering and processing. Generally, these steps could fit into any media monitoring programme. But reaching your business goals can get messy if you move ahead without understanding what each process and its underlying technology can – and cannot - do. While these aren’t the only examples - and it’s important to realise that these systems exist in silos - you need to be certain that the option you choose is relevant to the business intelligence you need.   Sourcing: Every

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