There are literally tens of thousands of regulation-related stories published every year. FATCA, AIFMD, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, Solvency II – the regulatory treadmill not only never stops, it continues to accelerate. From Hong Kong and Singapore to Washington, London and Brussels, and in other financial and government capitals across the world, regulators and legislators are constantly at work deciding what you can and cannot do.

For financial industry firms, the penalty for failing to stay on top of new regulation can be severe, if not disastrous. You need an efficient way to follow the latest developments.

We have it.

Competitors & Clients

What are they doing?

With whom?


Using what technology?

We follow their deals, relationships and products in order to keep you ahead of your competitors and in tune with what your customers are doing – so that you can offer them the best service.




Sure, you follow Reuters and Bloomberg and other real-time news sources. There are plenty of those, and they do a great job. Some are free. Some cost an arm and a leg.

But they don’t offer the VitalBriefing Advantage: Human experts sorting through everything news services, analysts, specialist publications andthousands of other sources produce moment to moment.

Our financial and business journalists understand what you need to know and in the context of your business.

We bring it all together.

Global Media and Press Monitoring

What are people writing and saying about you online and in social media?

What is being published about your company… or whispered somewhere in a less visible corner of the Internet?

Who’s saying what about whom that is important to you?

We monitor what’s appearing about your brand, your clients, and your key competitors, as well as identifying the best original sources (or compiling all the sources so you have them at hand).