How to Find the Right CDP: Expert Interview

Consumer data is now the undisputed linchpin of digital marketing, with experts declaring it the “new currency” among businesses. From personalisation to consumer targeting to improving campaign reach and engagement, consumer data is fast evolving into the foundation of the most effective marketing efforts.

But…there is a problem: Many, if not most, marketers struggle to make use of the data tsunami. There’s simply too much, while traditionally disparate data silos across a company complicate its attempts to unify the various datasets.

Enter customer data platforms (CDPs). This technology, as VitalBriefing Chief Operating Officer Pierre-Yves Lanneau writes, is “fast becoming [a] key brick in any robust stack.” These systems manage the data of a company’s customers and produce actionable insights for marketers.

As the CDP sector continues its rise, many marketing teams are looking into integrating such tools. They just don’t know where to start.

VitalBriefing’s Ethan Schrieberg interviewed Derek Slager, co-founder and CTO at Amperity, a Seattle-based customer data management company that recently attracted $50 million in investment, for insights on finding the right customer data platform for your specific needs.

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